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Quarry and Concrete 2017

Quarry and Concrete 2017

27 July 2017 - 29 July 2017


The quarry industry has gained momentum, owing to an increase in infrastructure development with a positive industry outlook expected in future. The construction industry of Africa is expected to grow persistently in the coming years. Expansion of quarrying operations, including identification of better technologies, enhancement of the present facilities, and optimum utilisation of these current facilities and equipment can be quite promising for the economy to revive its presence. According to the experts, the reason for hindered growth is ineffective loading and weighing devices, which fail to provide adequate monitoring during the processes. The solution to the problem lies in employing innovative practices and procedures for extraction, processing, monitoring, and transportation of resources by way of extensive drivetrain knowledge, online monitoring, and artificial intelligence.

Quarry and Concrete Africa 2017 will focus on the recent trends and developments in the quarry and concrete industry of Africa. The conference will bring together the industry leaders, managers, and experts to apprehend the prospects of the unbound opportunities awaiting the quarry and concrete industry. The eminent speakers and industry experts will provide an overview and a glimpse into the future of the quarry and concrete sector and what possibilities it would bring to the stakeholders of this industry.

The international conference will provide a platform to Heads, VPs, Directors, Project Managers, Operation Manager from Quarry, Mining Cement, Aggregates and Concrete Industry to explore the latest trends. It will be attended by Quarry Owners, Geotechnical Experts, Architects, Contractors, Site Managers, Government and Local bodies, and Civil Engineers, and help them in understanding the key changes taking place in the industry and tackling the challenges in the economy.