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PetroChem 2018

PetroChem 2018

22 April 2018 - 24 April 2018


The international PETROCEM conferences have been held in St. Petersburg every two years since 2000. From the very beginning the conference became the largest and most effective forum of cement industry specialists. Previous 9th international conference PETROCEM 2016 gathered over 500 delegates from 38 counties representing more than 320 companies and organizations.

PETROCEM conference delegates represent cement plants, Russian and international cement holdings, cement consumers and trading companies; producers of cement equipment, providers of services and materials; associations of cement producers, major Russian and leading world analysts, banks and foundations that invest in cement industry and construction of new cement plants. Such a representative cross-section of industry experts provides an opportunity for a wide range of fruitful contacts.

The conference addresses such issues as cement industry development and cement applications, ecology and waste utilization, saving of fuel and energy resources, state of the art achievements in the field of production engineering and equipment, as well as problems of improving the technological processes.