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NCB International Seminar on Cement, Concrete, and Building Materials

NCB International Seminar on Cement, Concrete, and Building Materials

03 December 2019 - 06 December 2019


The National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB), the apex body in India for research, technology development and transfer, education and industrial services for cement, allied building materials, and construction industries, is organising this International Seminar on Cement, Concrete and Building Materials as a follow-up to the fifteen NCB International Seminars organised earlier, each with substantial international participation.

The NCB International Seminars have emerged as singular biennial events in this part of the globe which the cement and construction industries the world over look forward to for participation. The continued interest of participants over the years is indication of the benefits reaped by them and has enabled this event reach the milestone of its 16th edition. While reviewing the developments that have taken place during the intervening period since the last event in the series, especially in the areas of alternate fuels and raw materials, climate change, emissions control, high performance concrete, nano-technology etc., the 16th NCB International Seminar through the Technical Exhibition to be held as a part of the event will give additional exposure to the latest in available technologies and services for efficient operation of cement plants, making of concrete and construction activities.

The event will serve as an excellent meeting point for the suppliers and the clients, especially from developing countries for mutual benefit. Like the previous ones in the series, the 16th NCB International Seminar will also be sponsored by a number of leading international and national cement, concrete and their equipment / machinery manufacturing organisations, construction companies and government bodies.