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Mercury Emissions from Coal: Conference and Workshop

Mercury Emissions from Coal: Conference and Workshop

27 February 2017 - 03 March 2017


The next IEA Clean Coal Centre Mercury and Multi-Pollutant Emissions from Coal Workshop (MEC12) will be held in the fantastic Kruger Gate Hotel, Mpumalanga, South Africa from 28 February - 3 March 2017. The event will combine a one-day workshop on energy efficiency and emission challenges for South African and neighbouring African regions (co-hosted by the US State Department) with the three-day 12th annual Mercury Emissions from Coal workshop, co-hosted by UN Environment, DEAT, the Fossil Fuel Foundation and Eskom, which encompasses a more multi-pollutant ethos. Both meetings will consider emissions of all micro-pollutants to air, not just mercury. The week will then end with the Annual Meeting of the UN Environment Coal Partnership.

There will be three sections to the week’s events:

Energy efficiency and emissions reduction workshop (28 February): This one day meeting is free to attend but may be limited in capacity. We are not seeking abstracts or presentations for this meeting but we hope that attendees will be prepared to share relevant information during the workshop discussions.

MEC workshop: Mercury and multi-pollutant emissions from coal (1 - 3 March): The two and a half day MEC workshop will focus on mercury and combined pollutant control from coal combustion. It will include issues such as coal chemistry, control technologies and reduction strategies, legislation and policy, emission inventories and solid/liquid media containment and control. As always, MEC will include discussions on evaluating, understanding and controlling emissions of mercury from the coal combustion sector.

UN Environment Coal Partnership Annual Meeting (3 March): Delegates from the UN Environment Secretariat and the leads of the Coal Partnership will be present to give an update of the continuing activities underway. This will include an update on ongoing projects in Southeast Asia as well as a discussion of proposed further projects in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. Delegates who are not yet members of the partnership are encouraged to come along and find out more. Joining the partnership is simple and free.