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25 March 2020 - 27 March 2020


Cementtech is the most influential professional exhibition in the industry, with an exhibition area of more than 20 000 square meters. It provides professional services such as customer development, channel development and brand promotion and maintenance for international cement related equipment manufacturers and service providers. The Cement Exhibition has become the most influential and appealing service trade platform in the industry!

It is estimated that more than 10 000 professional visitors will come to the site during the exhibition, and through face-to-face communication, it will promote a more stable cooperative relationship between you and your company. The organiser will also discuss how to face the new development of the industry and present the latest products, technologies, services and other solutions from a new perspective.

This event not only provides services for customer development, equipment manufacturers and service providers, but also offers channel development and brand maintenance services. The exhibition will be in Heifei, Anhui provience, China, and will combine upstream and downstream industries with mining, gravel and concrete. This will allow cement companies to extend the industrial chain and also to increase their market share. With more than 20 years of professional experiences, CEMENTTECH has become the most influential trading platform in the cement industry!

Exhibition booths will be available, allowing you to view services and products relating to the cement industry. The exhibition area becomes a very busy networking area during registration, lunch and coffee breaks.

Types of companies who exhibit include: equipment suppliers, production technology, and cement producers, designing institutes, chemical additives, shipping companies and trading companies.