World Cement

World Cement

The principle focus of the February issue is ‘Materials Handling: Quarry to Kiln’. This includes articles on a range of topics, from chains and conveyors to case studies from around the world. Developments in burner technology are also discussed, with technical articles from Dynamis, Unitherm Cemcon and FCT Combustion. This month’s regional report takes a look at Southeast Asia, examining cement demand, pricing, input costs and future trends in both the large cement producing nations such as Thailand and Indonesia, as well as the smaller producing countries such as Laos and Myanmar. In addition, this month’s keynote article by Dirk Lechtenberg of MVW Lechtenberg & Partner, which reviews the handling and storage of alternative fuels, is not to be missed.

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Keynote: Fighting Fire

Dirk Lechtenberg, MVW Lechtenberg & Partner, Germany, focuses on the basic legal and technical requirements involved in the reception and storage of alternative fuels.

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The Smaller Six: Prospects and Potential

Anuj Gupta and Peter Hopper, Strategic Decisions Group, provide some insight into the direction in which the smaller Southeast Asian markets are headed.

The Southeast Asia View

Laksme Khorana, Emerging Markets Direct, offers an overview of the SEA markets, as well as deeper insight into some of the larger cement producing nations.

Upgrades: A Unified Approach

Niña Tioseco, Siemens AG, Philippines, and Bob Gill, Control Engineering Asia, Singapore, review the process automation upgrades undertaken at several Holcim plants in the Philippines.

Pakistan: Cementing its Position

Muhammad Asadullah, Lucky Cement, Pakistan, discusses the country’s cement industry, and the company’s competitive advantages.

The Backbone of the Cement Plant

Reiner Furthmann, Aumund Group, Germany, discusses the applications and limits of the specialised conveyer chains used in bulk handling.

Rounding Out Chain Life

D. Bonaiti, CICSA, Italy, discusses life extension measures for heavy load round link chain bucket elevators.

Retrofitting a Solution

Ken Piper and Erik Matheson, Rexnord, USA, explore the measures that can be taken to outline and see through a successful plant retrofitting project to fix ongoing issues and improve efficiency.

Creating an Efficient Stockyard

Jean-Christophe Fassel, Claudius Peters Technologies, France, outlines the details of a turnkey project delivered to Yura SA of Peru.

Crushing and Reclaiming Moist and Sticky Material

Bottacin Gianluca, Bedeschi, Italy, gives us a rundown of the company’s latest project in Indonesia.

Help with Handling

David Fregez and Victor Grardel, Standard Industrie International, France, talk about the company’s practices and its operations in Africa. 

Designing Solutions

Guilherme Ferreira, Luiz Felipe Pinho and Luis Filipe Fabiani, Dynamis, Brazil, explain how burner design can increase flexibility and help to overcome unforeseen problems in the kiln.

Reducing Kiln Fuel Costs

John Carlill, Managing Director, Steetley Dolomite Ltd, and Grant England, Combustion Engineer, FCT Combustion Pty Ltd, discuss the ways in which a kiln upgrade process has improved efficiency.

Paradigm Shift

Robert Pachler and Reinhard Ringdorfer, Unitherm Cemcon, Austria, discuss efficiency improvement for burners with traditional and future resources.

Know Your Line

Pieter de Groot and Jérôme Gondeau, PANalytical BV, the Netherlands, provide an overview of the benefits of controlled neutron analysis in cement production.

Power Rental for the Cement Industry

Andy Walker, Aggreko, discusses the advantages of having a power rental company at the other end of the telephone line.

Down By The River

CDE do Brasil discusses a project to draw and wash riverbed sand for concrete manufacture.

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