Siam Cement Group announces Myanmar plans

Thailand’s Siam Cement Group (SCG) has announced plans to build a new plant in Myanmar’s Tanintharyi Region, but awaits the approval of both the Myanmar Investment Commission and President U Thein Sein.

SCG President and CEO, Mr Kan Trakulhoon, has said that the company is also analysing the impact that the recently signed foreign investment law will have on the project. However, in spite of the announcement, there has been no mention made of the plant’s potential production capacity.

SCG officials have discussed the project with President U Thein Sein during his official visit to Thailand in September, during which he stated that he would make a decision regarding his approval of the project once he returned to Myanmar.

Interestingly, SCG engineers have discussed the possibility that the company has planned to build a hydropower dam to support the proposed Tanintharyi Region cement plant, which would provide a very environmentally friendly power source for the project. This follows the company’s work with several NGOs in Thailand focussing on the benefits of damn building, and talks have been put in place to the same effect in Myanmar, too. However, the exact site for this proposed hydroelectric dam has not been decided as yet.

Adapted from various sources by Jack Davidson.

Published on 19/11/2012

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